Memorializing Mediocrity

School Years

I jumped through school hoops
better than all but two of my peers
and was happy to keep my mouth shut.

At college I outplayed most of my mates,
simply by following the directions, and
typing up the words that were wanted.

It was early success for a slow learner
unable to figure out the important stuff
until her life was at least half over.

9 thoughts on “Memorializing Mediocrity

  1. A lot said in few words. Powerful. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I didn’t know any hoops existed until it was too late.


    1. Thank you, Amaya. I used to have a blog dedicated to homeschooling and was very active in various online homeschooling communities, but I deleted the blogs and left the groups. I’m still homeschooling (the youngest four of my six kids; the oldest two have “graduated”โ€”if you can call it that; we tend to be rather unstructured), but I no longer discuss it much. I have written three posts about a book called “Freedom without Permission.” It contains four essays: on self-governance, political freedom, educational and career freedom, and inner freedom. The post on educational and career freedom is here:

      I do have my old blog posts on my hard drive, and if you’re interested in anything specific, I’d be happy to send them along, or possibly repost them at The Ruff Draft. If you are looking into homeschooling (which I recommend without hesitation), I can suggest two excellent books: “A Thomas Jefferson Education” by Oliver DeMille and “The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook” by Raymond and Dorothy Moore.

      It’s nice to be missed. Thank you. I haven’t written any poetry in months, and haven’t been able to enjoy online poetry much. I tend to write verse when I need to get something off my chest, but life has been good lately, and I’m thankful. As for poetry online: I feel rushed when reading on a device, so even if I was in a poetry groove, I’d try to post only sporadically. If anyone finds and reads my verse, I hope they do it leisurely, with no perceived obligation to keep up on regular posts. I’m finding that I need to slow down and savor poetry with paper and ink in my hands. Right now, I’m reading Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass” to understand what he was all about. I can see why he was seen as revolutionary as a poet, but I’m not in love with his stuff.

      Otherwise, I’ve been staying busy with art (, photography (, reading (, and lessons with the kids.

      How are you and your beautiful family?


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