Tear It Out

Tear It Out

Billy’s life of quiet desperation
never before concerned you,
so why pretend to care now?

I stepped in to fill the void you left
when you snuck away with Ted,
taking with you all Billy held dear.

You always were one to capitalize
on a situation others find abhorrent—
your optimism extending to no one but you.

Soon enough he’ll be out of reach.
Is that what drives you to grasp for him now?
Is that why you squeeze those tears onto his pillow?

I long ago learned the futility of trying to best you.
You play the game better than I,
never questioning the value of the prize.

If my tragic flaw is clarity of vision, so be it.
I’ll offer you my eyes and feel my way home,
blind to all, including that in me which I hate in you.



3 thoughts on “Tear It Out

  1. It is in suggestion the poem hold the power over the essay: the details distract from the raw materials of the heart. The suggestion draws me into circle of fire`light where the One gives himself away freely in grace and then turns and demands all . . . To love is to die for the other – whether that is at the interpersonal level or with the divine . . . Great Post!

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    1. Thank you, Peter. The opening line came into my head, and I found that a poem followed it. I see many people in the characters I created, and every time I read it, something/someone different comes to mind. My daughter told me that the poem makes her think of particular people in our lives who never came into my sights while I was writing. I find that fascinating and validating. There’s that power to reveal all over again.


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