110 Responsibilities, Enjoyments, and Expectations

Christmas Confusion

At the moment,
I want to be alone,
Trying to recapture
How it felt to have
You so close to me,
There in his hands—

Thy princely dominion
There for anyone in the world
With eyes to see.

Thy people shall flock
To the small, white building
With the large, colored windows
There, near the lake,
Year after year,
In dwindling droves.

Adorned in splendor,
They’ll greet one another there as if
Something more than ennui has kept them away.

Of thy holy ones,
Thy priest proclaims
Their simple obedience,
Their Infinite trust,
And the world-changing
Moments of their lives.

There in the country church
The more-or-less faithful
Wonder how long it will be

Before they can flock to their next destination,
The next moment of splendor.