Every day,
I read
or discover
or create
I know you would love.

But I keep it to myself.


My Own Notions

Sewing Notions

My sewing basket is a mess.

What’s that?
You didn’t know that I sew?
You’ve never seen
my quilts
and cozies
and embroidery?

I’ve tried to show them to you,
but you must have had
something else on your mind,
and likely never noticed
the machine on the table.

So yes, that basket—
it is certainly in a state.
The threads are tangled,
needles poke when I lift the lid,
bobbins are empty,
and ribbons unravel.

Perhaps I have too many notions,
too little time to care for them,
not enough material to finish a project.

Even if I did, would you want to see it?
Would I dare show it?
Would you promise to do more than
thank me for sharing?
Would you give me your word
that you’d not point out
the mismatched thread,
the dropped stitches,
the crooked seams?